Hanakee Lodge Hanakee Lodge

Kaoha nui e a mave mai, welcome to the Hanakee Lodge hotel

Nestled into the slope of Atuonas Bay the Hanakee Lodge has 17 bungalows typically Polynesian, to offer to the visitors a unique and exotic stay, assisted by attentive and pleasant personnel.

Overhanging the Pacific Ocean and in front of the Temetiu mount, the Hanakee Lodge stays private and comfortable, echoing the island of Hiva Oa, bewitching and warm.

Hanakee Lodge

From the terrace of your bungalow, the one from our restaurant or from our deckchair next to the infinity pool, the view from Hanakee Lodge is breathtaking : every moment a performance that exalts the colors of Gauguin and hums the poems of Brel.

A change of scene always in this haven of peace which will offer you an unforgettable memory.
Hanakee Lodge