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Visitors who come for the first time to the Marquesas Islands are first surprised by the geography and the nature power. Wild, mysterious, fantastic, powerful ... we often miss superlatives to describe Hiva Oa. Its tranquillity, flora and archaeological sites captivate visitors forever.

The Hanakee Lodge has the privilege to allow you to discover this unique environment with a wide range of activities.

Excursions are made by the hotel's guide, in approved vehicles and it is prudent to book the excursions before your arrival to have the availability you want.

When you have booked an excursion with the Hanakee Lodge, and you receive a confirmation for this excursion, you have the certainty that it will be made, regardless of the number of participants, and you will be insured by the hotel.

The Village of Atuona

Tour of Atuona village during 1h30, through the cemetery, the beach, visit of the Gauguin and Brel center. *
*Closed Saturday afternoon, Sunday and national days

Rates 2023
Visit of Atuona and the cultural center - 01h30
3 500
Visit of Atuona and the cultural center - Children up to 11 years old
2 600

The giants tikis of Puamau

A full day guided tour by 4 wheel drive to Puamau, on the north-east tip of Hiva Oa’s island. Breathtaking drive along the winding coastline through several valleys, until reaching the picturesque village of Puamau.

Visit "Te Iipona", the archaeological site which became famous with the tallest stone Tiki "TAKAI" (2.43 m) and the very exceptional "Makaii Taua Pepe" unique tiki represented horizontally. Lunch on site in a Marquesas house or as a picnic. We will also make a stop in the Punaei rainforest, where the enigmatic "Utuka", nicknamed the "Smiling Tiki" awaits you.

Rates 2023
The giants tikis of Puamau - Full day
13 000
The giants tikis of Puamau - Children up to 11 years old
9 750

Tahuata Island

You will leave the Tahauku harbour, skirt the Hanakee Rock where you may be lucky enough to see Manta rays. On Tahuata Island, you will visit the hamlet of Hapatoni, then stop in the village of Vaitahu to visit its church, museum and its small local market.

The people of Tahuata are known for their wood carvings on horse, pig and goat bones and surprisingly on swordfish rostrums. After that, you will go on a beautiful white sand beach, where you can swim, relax and enjoy a barbecue.

Rates 2023
Tahuata Island - Full day
12 500
Tahuata Island - Children up to 11 years old
9 500

Hiking in the north Hiva Oa’s Valleys

Join the Hanaiapa Valley for a 2 hour walk (one way) to Hanatekuua Bay (protect you against the heat during the walk).

You will walk along the coast to a huge coconut grove bordered by a beautiful white sand beach. Picnic on site, swimming in crystal clear waters.
One-day excursion for trained hikers. Hiking is possible depending on the weather conditions.

Rates 2023
The north Hiva Oa’s Valleys - Full day
11 500
The north Hiva Oa’s Valleys - Children up to 11 years old
8 500

Petroglyphs of Tehueto

Hiking in the rainforest for 2 hours and 30 minutes walking back in the woods, crossing fording river.

Discover the megalithic site with many petroglyphs and the “me’ae”, located above a tiki head.
Accessible only during dry weather.

Rates 2023
Petroglyphs of Tehueto - 02h30
4 900
Petroglyphs of Tehueto - Children up to 11 years olds
3 700

Taaoa Valley

Travel along the south coast of Hiva Oa to the Taaoa Valley, this is the last valley inhabited on the west of the island.

Visit the exceptional archaeological site Upeke, which was one of the largest ceremonial centers of Polynesia. The site occupies the entire valley. You will discover the living platforms, tiki and sacrificial altars. This is a very important place in the Marquesan mythology.
Crossing the hamlet of Taaoa, with the stone church and the small beach. Excursion of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Rates 2023
Taaoa Valley - 02h30
6 000
Taaoa Valley - Children up to 11 years old
4 500